Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Basic Event Timer

A simple tool for timing events / group sessions in Second Life.
The Owner can set the Timer to Alarm when a certain number of minutes has elapsed.
When the cube is red - touching it or saying 'alarm' will make the cube listen.
State (in number of mins) how long till the alarm goes off. ie. 120 - (if you want 2 hours)

Once set, the cube will turn green.
Touching it , while in this mode - will tell anyone around it, how many mins is left before the alarm will go off. (anyone can do this)
The Owner can also Reset the timer - by saying 'Reset' - this will start the timer over again with the set length.
Saying 'Alarm' will allow the owner - to stop the timer - and listen for a new length for the alarm.

When the alarm time is reached, it will make a bellringing sound and say 'Time's up' on the public chat channel.

For the owner - in addition it will send an instant message saying the timer has alarmed and where it alarmed at. (This is useful as it allows the owner to set multiple timers in different sims )

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